Cyber Security
There will be no threats to your IT security.

How do we sufficiently manage the security of our business?

Thanks to our partnership with Sophos, we are thoroughly convinced that unity is strength: everything works better when systems are designed to interact with each other.

83% of IT managers believe malware threats are now harder to block than they were last year. How come?
Cybercriminals mix new and various techniques in their attacks, and while in most cases, security products act in isolation.
We believe that it’s time to evolve.

Synchronized Security

The evolution of #Cybersecurity

Sophos Synchronised Security is not only the first ever cybersecurity system. It is also the best.

Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption security products that all work in perfect sync to share information in real time and automatically respond to incidents:

  • Isolation of infected endpoints, with blocking of lateral movements
  • Limitation of Wi-Fi access for non-compliant mobile devices
  • Endpoint scan when compromised mailboxes are detected
  • Revocation of encryption keys when a threat is detected
  • Identification of all apps on the network

And since the entire system is controlled through Sophos Central, the cloud security platform, management is a breeze.

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